The Cadaver Factory

The Cadaver Factory
Author: Kenneth Jarrett Singleton
Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated
Total Pages: 52
Release: 2004-09
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781413742787

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Jack Rally is an eighteen-year-old boy who is evil and witty. He receives an opportunity from an older film-maker named Mr. Bigsley whose films are films of actual murders. Jack takes the opportunity and runs with it, becoming a master of his murderous profession. Jack, the brutal young man that he is, enjoys murdering and causing havoc in this setting of a more brutal future for mankind and mankindas ways. The tale can be called a psychotic masterpiece and is unique in its content, psychological base, and theme.

The German Corpse Factory

The German Corpse Factory
Author: Stephen Badsey
Publisher: Wolverhampton Military Studies
Total Pages:
Release: 2019-07-19
Genre: History
ISBN: 9781911628279

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The German Corpse Factory' is one of the most famous and scandalous propaganda stories of the First World War. It has been repeated many times down to the present day as the prime example of the falsehood of British wartime propaganda. But despite all the attention paid to it, the full story has never been properly told. In Spring 1917, parts of the British press claimed that Germany was so short of essential fats and glycerine that the German Army was being forced to boil down the bodies of its own dead soldiers, causing a brief scandal of accusation and counter-accusation, including the claim that the story was the invention of the British official propaganda organisations. Behind the scenes, British propaganda experts opposed exploiting the story as it was obviously false, and contrary to their basic principles of never telling an obvious lie in an official statement. But at the time, the British government refused to deny that the 'German Corpse Factory' might really exist. In 1925 the scandal re-erupted in New York, when the former head of British military intelligence on the Western Front, in the United States on a speaking tour, was quoted in newspapers as having confessed to making the whole German Corpse Factory story up, a claim that he immediately denied. As a gesture of friendship on the occasion of the Locarno treaties, the British government now accepted the German government position that the story was a lie, but in fact neither government knew what had really happened in 1917. This book provides the answers to these questions according to the best historical evidence available. It uses the scandal of the 'German Corpse Factory' as a case-study to explore the true nature of British official propaganda and its organisations in the First World War, including the events of 1917 and who might really have been responsible for the story. It also shows how this brief episode was taken up by the German government after 1918, and by interest groups in Britain and the United States after 1925, to paint a false picture of British propaganda, with far-reaching consequences for the peace of Europe, and for our subsequent understanding of the First World War.

The Human Body Factory

The Human Body Factory
Author: Dan Green
Total Pages: 0
Release: 2023-07-18
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN: 075347896X

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Step inside the busy, bustling factory that is the human body, and find out about all the different body parts and systems that keep whirring night and day! The Human Body Factory is an action-packed and informative guide to your insides. Each "department" is introduced by the busy workers who keep everything running smoothly, from the big boss sending out orders in the brain to waste being sorted and pushed out of the body. The ingenious artworks are packed with humorous details, all backed up with Dan Green's fascinating facts and easy-to-understand text describing and explaining the body's processes. There's a fun search-and-find activity on each page, as well as a quiz at the end to see how much you've discovered about the human body. Whether it's busy workers wearing biohazard suits in the large intestine, lab technicians mixing gastric juices in the stomach with a giant whisk, or the lungs depicted as a gym, you'll find plenty to amaze and amuse in this comprehensive, fact-filled guide to the human body.

The Body Factory

The Body Factory
Publisher: Graphic Mundi
Total Pages: 160
Release: 2021-05
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN: 9780271087061

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A young man wakes up in the hospital to discover that one of his arms has been amputated. Then a portrait on the wall of his hospital room begins to speak to him. The subject of the painting introduces himself as Ambroise Paré, the French barber-surgeon who revolutionized the art of amputation. From this wonderfully absurd premise, the two begin an imaginary conversation that takes them through a sweeping history of surgical amputation, from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Unencumbered by pathos or didacticism, this graphic novel explores a number of topics surrounding amputation, revealing fascinating details about famous amputees throughout history, the invention of the tourniquet, phantom limb syndrome, types of prostheses, and transhumanist technologies. Playfully illustrated and seriously funny, The Body Factory is sure to delight anyone interested in the history, or the future, of medicine. From early prostheses to present-day transhumanism, this graphic novel addresses one of the most remarkable challenges in the history of medicine: how we repair and even enhance the body.

The Corpse Factory

The Corpse Factory
Author: Arthur Leo Zagat
Publisher: DigiCat
Total Pages: 68
Release: 2022-11-22
Genre: Fiction

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The Corpse Factory is Arthur Leo Zagat's triumph of the goriest, disturbing, and gut-wrenching tales of the horror genre. Zagat truly creates the peak of the "weird menace" tale. Contents: "The Corpse Factory, Dime Mystery Magazine, Mary 1934 A Lodging in Hell, Horror Stories, February/March 1936 Death Lands a Cargo, Dime Mystery Magazine, October 1935 Death's Mistress, Dime Mystery Magazine, September 1934 Madman's Bride, Dime Mystery Magazine, January 1935 Satan's Bedchamber, Dime Mystery Magazine, August 1936 Soft Blows the Breeze from Hell, Dime Mystery Magazine, December 1937 The Little Walking Corpses, Dime Mystery Magazine."

Controversial Bodies

Controversial Bodies
Author: John D. Lantos
Publisher: JHU Press
Total Pages: 160
Release: 2011-09-07
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 1421402718

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Controversial, fascinating, disturbing, and often beautiful, plastinated human bodies -- such as those found at Body Worlds exhibitions throughout the world -- have gripped the public's imagination. These displays have been lauded as educational, sparked protests, and drawn millions of visitors. This book looks at the powerful sway these corpses hold over their living audiences everywhere. Plastination was invented in the 1970s by German anatomist Gunther von Hagens. The process transforms living tissues into moldable plastic that can then be hardened into a permanent shape. Von Hagens first exhibited his expertly dissected, artfully posed plastinated bodies in Japan in 1995. Since then, his shows have continuously attracted so many paying customers that they have inspired imitators, brought accusations of unethical or even illegal behavior, and ignited vigorous debates among scientists, educators, religious leaders, and law enforcement officials. These lively, thought-provoking, and sometimes personal essays reflect on such public displays from ethical, legal, cultural, religious, pedagogical, and aesthetic perspectives. They examine what lies behind the exhibitions' popularity and explore the ramifications of turning corpses into a spectacle of amusement. Contributions from bioethicists, historians, physicians, anatomists, theologians, and novelists dig deeply into issues that compel, upset, and unsettle us all.

Made in China

Made in China
Author: Pun Ngai
Publisher: Duke University Press
Total Pages: 241
Release: 2005-04-05
Genre: Business & Economics
ISBN: 0822386755

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As China has evolved into an industrial powerhouse over the past two decades, a new class of workers has developed: the dagongmei, or working girls. The dagongmei are women in their late teens and early twenties who move from rural areas to urban centers to work in factories. Because of state laws dictating that those born in the countryside cannot permanently leave their villages, and familial pressure for young women to marry by their late twenties, the dagongmei are transient labor. They undertake physically exhausting work in urban factories for an average of four or five years before returning home. The young women are not coerced to work in the factories; they know about the twelve-hour shifts and the hardships of industrial labor. Yet they are still eager to leave home. Made in China is a compelling look at the lives of these women, workers caught between the competing demands of global capitalism, the socialist state, and the patriarchal family. Pun Ngai conducted ethnographic work at an electronics factory in southern China’s Guangdong province, in the Shenzhen special economic zone where foreign-owned factories are proliferating. For eight months she slept in the employee dormitories and worked on the shop floor alongside the women whose lives she chronicles. Pun illuminates the workers’ perspectives and experiences, describing the lure of consumer desire and especially the minutiae of factory life. She looks at acts of resistance and transgression in the workplace, positing that the chronic pains—such as backaches and headaches—that many of the women experience are as indicative of resistance to oppressive working conditions as they are of defeat. Pun suggests that a silent social revolution is underway in China and that these young migrant workers are its agents.

Factory Man

Factory Man
Author: Beth Macy
Publisher: Little, Brown
Total Pages: 513
Release: 2014-07-15
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 0316231568

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The instant New York Times bestseller about one man's battle to save hundreds of jobs by demonstrating the greatness of American business. The Bassett Furniture Company was once the world's biggest wood furniture manufacturer. Run by the same powerful Virginia family for generations, it was also the center of life in Bassett, Virginia. But beginning in the 1980s, the first waves of Asian competition hit, and ultimately Bassett was forced to send its production overseas. One man fought back: John Bassett III, a shrewd and determined third-generation factory man, now chairman of Vaughan-Bassett Furniture Co, which employs more than 700 Virginians and has sales of more than $90 million. In Factory Man, Beth Macy brings to life Bassett's deeply personal furniture and family story, along with a host of characters from an industry that was as cutthroat as it was colorful. As she shows how he uses legal maneuvers, factory efficiencies, and sheer grit and cunning to save hundreds of jobs, she also reveals the truth about modern industry in America.

Tender Is the Flesh

Tender Is the Flesh
Author: Agustina Bazterrica
Publisher: Scribner
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2020-08-04
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1982150920

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Working at the local processing plant, Marcos is in the business of slaughtering humans—though no one calls them that anymore. His wife has left him, his father is sinking into dementia, and Marcos tries not to think too hard about how he makes a living. After all, it happened so quickly. First, it was reported that an infectious virus has made all animal meat poisonous to humans. Then governments initiated the “Transition.” Now, eating human meat—“special meat”—is legal. Marcos tries to stick to numbers, consignments, processing. Then one day he’s given a gift: a live specimen of the finest quality. Though he’s aware that any form of personal contact is forbidden on pain of death, little by little he starts to treat her like a human being. And soon, he becomes tortured by what has been lost—and what might still be saved.

The Distressed Body

The Distressed Body
Author: Drew Leder
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 296
Release: 2016-10-17
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 022639624X

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Bodily pain and distress come in many forms. They can well up from within at times of serious illness, but the body can also be subjected to harsh treatment from outside. The medical system is often cold and depersonalized, and much worse are conditions experienced by prisoners in our age of mass incarceration, and by animals trapped in our factory farms. In this pioneering book, Drew Leder offers bold new ways to rethink how we create and treat distress, clearing the way for more humane social practices. Leder draws on literary examples, clinical and philosophical sources, his medical training, and his own struggle with chronic pain. He levies a challenge to the capitalist and Cartesian models that rule modern medicine. Similarly, he looks at the root paradigms of our penitentiary and factory farm systems and the way these produce distressed bodies, asking how such institutions can be reformed. Writing with coauthors ranging from a prominent cardiologist to long-term inmates, he explores alternative environments that can better humanize—even spiritualize—the way we treat one another, offering a very different vision of medical, criminal justice, and food systems. Ultimately Leder proposes not just new answers to important bioethical questions but new ways of questioning accepted concepts and practices.